Father's Words

I slammed the door behind me and I quickly walked away,

Determined in my mind that I had nothing more to say.

I've been around, I do alright, I've paid my dues and more,

We're both grown men, why does he think that I don't know the score?

The way he talks, I know his game - to tell me what to do.

Real clever how he says to me, "You know that's up to you."

And so I sneered, "You got that right," and then I blew his place,

But somehow I felt down because I smiled right in his face.

I slipped into my ride but then it made me pause a bit . . .

Aw what the heck, it's no big thing, we'll both get over it.

I dropped a gear to pull away but had to think a while,

What's going on? Why be so tough? That's really not my style.

And Father's words came softly, softly through the turmoil in my mind.

Be forgiving to each other, tenderhearted, be ye kind.

Put all bitterness and anger, evil speaking far from you,

Let the peace of God that passes understanding see you through.

Inside I knew, I really knew, my parents taught me well,

To let the Word of God have place - why put myself through hell.

And hell is what this feels like still I can't go back inside.

I want to . . . really want to but I can't because of pride.

And so I went on down the road, mixed thoughts were in my head,

How screwed up everything had got because of what I said.

The emptiness, the bitterness, the helplessness inside,

Swept over me just like a wave, my grief was multiplied.

I sure didn't think I'd feel like this, I stopped the car and cried

'Cause I made myself a victim of my weakness and my pride.

With my head down on the steering wheel I wished that I was dead,

Until the man in blue came by and shaking me he said:

"Are you okay?" "I'm fine," I lied and he said "Move along!"

And as I pulled away I knew somehow I must be strong.

And father's words came softly, softly through my sadness and my tears.

The peace of God will calm your heart, His love casts out all fears.

I took control, my thoughts got straight, my heart was set aright,

My number one priority was staying in the light.

And as I pulled up to my house, a prayer went up to Him,

With thankfulness for cleansing me from that old man of sin.

It only takes a minute but sometimes it's hard to do;

Remembered words flashed in my mind, "You know that's up to you."

Those words didn't seem so clever now, they made me realize

That he was speaking from his heart, so loving and so wise.

No one can do it for me, on my own feet I must stand,

And use the strength and wisdom God has placed at my command.

And so I grabbed the telephone, not knowing what I'd say,

Determined at the outset I could feel it slip away.

Then Father's words came softly, softly through my momentary fear,

That my call may be unwelcome and he may not want to hear.

God's Word says all is possible if only you believe;

Like measure that you mete withal, the same shall you receive.

My fingers pushed the numbers and although I had no clue,

Exactly what to say to him I'm going to see it through.

I know I'll say the words I should have said right from the start,

Instead of holding back the love I know is in my heart.

"Hello . . ." his voice came on the line, "Hello, is someone there?"

Then came my words too rarely spoken, words that show I care;

"I love you Dad, I'm sorry for the stupid things I've done.

You sure deserve much more than you've been getting from your son."

And as those words came from my lips I suddenly realized

That Dad was not the only one to whom those words applied.

A father's words came softly, softly on the telephone that day

In echoes of some words I heard another Father say.

'Cause he said "Son, I sure do love you and I'll always do my best

To give what's in my power to give to keep you truly blessed,

And share with you the things I've learned, the battles that I've won

Against the world that comes between a father and a son.

But look how I go on and on, Mom says to come on by.

She's cooking up your favorite dish and making apple pie.

And later on let's sit around and share a thought or two

And I'll be me, just plain old me and you'll be plain old you."

So I agreed to be there and we quickly said good-bye,

'Cause we both knew the other too had something in their eye.

And Father's words came softly, softly from a father to a son,

And the words that I remembered were Luke 15:31