Perfect Prayers

God loves the sound as perfect prayers

Leave lips that do not move

Not like the sacrifice of fools,

Their eloquence to prove.

In meekness had my mouth confessed

The lordship of my lord,

Not self, not wealth, not twisted truth,

No cause that I adored.

Christ is the focus of my thoughts as

Night and day I find

My vain imaginations now

Are captives in my mind.

And ‘cause the spirit given me,

Joy to my soul does bring

As tongues I speak, as praise I give,

As unknown psalms I sing.

Christ in me thrives, I walk in truth,

In paths of righteousness.

To all the word obedient,

That he my life may bless.

In mysteries known but to him,

God’s gift I manifest,

My freewill choice, with inner voice,

Not channeled or possessed.

You too can know this simple truth:

Light flows from just one source,

Like perfect prayers, from heart to heart,

Through Jesus Christ, of course.

By Phillip Varady Sr.